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Kashif designs original pathways into filmmaking through a practice in equity-access, which dismantles historic barriers placed on storytellers and fosters new approaches driven by inclusivity and co-creation. 

We are artists and activists focused on incubating stories with BIPOC, LGBTQIA+,

gender non-conforming, and disabled filmmakers.

Join us :

Kashif holds virtual community meetings every first Wednesday of the month at 6:30PM ET. Our monthly community gathering, where we stay connected, talk about what's going on in our lives, what our needs are, and of course find out what Kashif is up to! 

You are a part of WE.

We invite you into this virtual space as a practice of setting aside time for yourself, to let your thoughts and ideas flow freely, and to connect with others for inspiration and support.

Poetry, screenplays, memoirs, journaling, letters to friends, or whatever you need the mental space to consider and accomplish in the presence of a caring community. 

Meeting every third Thursday of the month from 7PM-8:30PM ET

We believe everyone has a story to tell

and we want to help you tell it.

Writing Dope Shorts is where you will

learn about developing your ideas and stories, how to create a synopsis

and beat sheet, and

how to complete a short film script.

The Brownsville Initiative is a four-week guided visual storytelling workshop centered in the community of Brownsville, Brooklyn, that pairs professionals in the film industry with emerging storytellers

to cultivate a story idea from concept to the big screen.

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